• PowerRage - 33 tours

    Gimme a bullet (3.00)  PowerRage
    Down Payment Blues (5.50)
    Gone shootin' (4.19)
    Riff raff (5.14)
    Sin city (4.40)
    Up to my neck in you (4.58)
    What's next to the moon (3.15)
    Cold hearted man (3.15)
    Kiked in the teeth (3.45)

  • Boy's don't cry (new voice-club mix)

    Maxi 45 tours

    Boy's don't cry Boy's don't cry (new voice-club mix)
    (extended 12" dance version
    produced by Smith/Allen originally
    released june 79)
    Pillbox Tales
    Do the Hansa

  • Maxi 45 tours - Let's Go to the bed/Just one Kiss

    Let's to the bed
    Just on kiss         
    Let's Go To The Bed/Just one kiss

    Let's Go To The Bed/Just one kiss

  • 33 tours - double vinyles

    The Kiss                              KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME
    The Cure
    If only tonight WC could sleep
    Why Can't I be you?
    How beautiful you are...
    The snake pit   Hey you!!!
    Just like Heaven
    All I want
    Hot hot hot
    One more time
    Like Cockatoo
    Icing Sugar
    The perfect girl
    A thousand hours
    Shiver are shake




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